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Trondheim, Norway’s third biggest city, is a beautiful historical town placed by the Trondheimsfjord in the middle of Norway. The city is known as Norway’s best student city and has a busy night life and lots of shops and cafes. Trondheim was long known for the best football team in Norway – Rosenborg – and the large cathedral Nidarosdomen, a goal for pilgrims from all over the world. The best time to visit Trondheim is in the summer – when the nights are bright and the temperature up to 25 degrees. At this time of year you can enjoy the cosy streets of Bakklandet, famous for its small shops, cafes and pubs. You can also try the famous Trampe bicycle lift, which takes you and your bike up a steep hill – and straight to the hostel!



Staying in Trondheim

We recommend you stay in the Trondheim Vandrerhjem Rosenborg
Adresse: Weidemanns vei 41
Telefon: +47 73 87 44 50

Trondheim Hostel re-opened in October 2013 and is brand new. The hostel is located in the residential area Rosenborg, within walking distance to the city centre and with a great view over the city. The hostel has modern rooms and facilities, Wi-Fi, guest kitchen and parking space. Breakfast can be bought at the hostel.

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Things to do and see in Trondheim

There are many sights in Trondheim. You can get more information by visiting the homepage of Visitnorway.



Getting to Trondheim


By plane

You can fly to Trondheim Airport Værnes from Oslo and several cities abroad. The airport bus takes you to the city centre.


By bus
There are buses running in all directions, both towards Oslo and further up north to Bodø or Tromsø. The bus from Oslo to Trondheim takes around 9 hours. The bus station is located next to the train station in the city centre.


By train

Trondheim is easy to get to with the train from Oslo, see NSB’s website. The train from Oslo takes around 7 hours, and the trains up to Bodø around 9 hours. The train station is located next to the bus station in the city centre.



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