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The German Youth Hostel Association is a member of a global network of Youth Hostel Associations through Hostelling International (HI). We are proud to be a part of HI and hope that you will choose an HI Hostel whenever you travel abroad. Hostelling International is the brand name of more than 90 Youth Hostel Associations in 90 countries, operating over 4,000 hostels world-wide. What makes HI different from other hostel operators is a focus on quality over quantity: all member countries are required to meet HI's internationally-agreed Assured Standards for comfort, so you can rely on a consistent level of services and facilities wherever you stay. No other international hostel operator can offer the same assurances, so be sure to look out for the HI logo before you book an international hostel.

HI also prides itself on its variety of budget accommodation: within the network you will find a range of interesting places to stay, from medieval castles to modern eco hostels, log cabin ski lodges and there's even a hostel in a jumbo jet! Some are small and intimate with private rooms, others are vibrant, buzzing places where you can meet fellow travellers from around the world. Remember that your HI membership can save you money on every HI Hostel booking, and many hostels also offer additional discounts or goodies to HI members.

   Country  Youth Hostels
Flag Argentina
Argentina Buenos Aires
Flag Australia
Australia Brisbane
Flag Australia
Australia Melbourne
Flag Australia
Australia Sydney
Flag Austria
Austria Vienna
Flag Belgium
Belgium Bruges
Flag Belgium
Belgium Brussels
Flag Bolivia
Bolivia La Paz
Flag Bosnia
Bosnia Sarajevo
Flag Brasilia
Brazil Foz de Iguazu
Flag Brasilia
Brazil Rio de Janeiro
Flag Brasilia
Brazil Salvador Bahia
Flag Canada
Canada Quebec
Flag Canada
Canada Toronto
Flag Canada
Canada Vancouver
Flag China
China Beijing
Flag China
China Shanghai
Flag Colombia
Colombia Bogota
Flag Colombia
Colombia Cartagena
Flag Croatia
Croatia Zagreb
Flag Cuba
Cuba Havana
Flag Estonia
Estonia Tallinn
Flag Finland
Finland Helsinki
Flag France
France Lyon
Flag France
France Nice
Flag France
France Paris
Flag Hongkong
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Flag Iceland
Iceland Reykjavik
Flag Ireland
Ireland Dublin
Israel Tel Aviv
Flag Italy
Italy Florence
Flag Italy
Italy Milan
Flag Italy
Italy Rome
Flag Italy
Italy Venice
Flag Japan
Japan Osaka
Flag Japan
Japan Tokyo
Flag Southkorea
Korea (South)
Flag Luxembourg
Luxembourg Luxembourg City
Flag Mexico
Mexico Mexico City
Flsg Netherlands
Netherlands Amsterdam
Flag Newzealand
New Zealand Auckland
Flag Norway
Norway Bergen
Flag Norway
Norway Oslo
Flag Norway
Norway Trondheim
Flag Peru
Peru Lima
Flag Portugal
Portugal Lisbon
Flag Romania
Romania Bucharest
Flag Singapore
Singapore Singapore
Flag Slovenia
Slovenia Ljubljana
Flag Spain
Spain Barcelona
Flag Spain
Spain Madrid
Flag Sweden
Sweden Stockholm
Flag Switzerland
Switzerland Zurich
Flag Taiwan
Taiwan Taipei
Flag Thailand
Thailand Bangkok
Flag United Kingdom
UK Cornwall
Flag United Kingdom
UK London
Flag Urugay
Uruguay Montevideo
Flag USA
USA Chicago
Flag USA
USA Los Angeles
Flag USA
USA New York
Flag USA
USA San Francisco
Flag USA
USA Washington

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