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Surrounded by beautiful scenery on the edge of "Hainich" National Park, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site, you will find the "Forest Life Camp" tucked away on the Harsberg near Lauterbach. Details »

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Beamer, CD-Player, Diaprojektor, DVD-Player, Flipchart, Internetzugang (WLAN), Leinwand, Metaplanwand, Mikrofonanlage, Moderationskoffer, Musikanlage, Overheadprojektor, PC-Arbeitsplatz, Rednerpult, TV-Gerät, Whiteboard

Nakundu-Saal224 sqm, 180 Participants, Daylight

Saal144 sqm, 30-120 Participants, Daylight

Kaminzimmer48 sqm, 30 Participants, Daylight

Projektwerkstatt40 sqm, 20 Participants, Daylight

Forscherzelt40 sqm, 12 Participants, Daylight

Relaxothek49 sqm, 20 Participants, Daylight

Medienwerkstatt24 sqm, 12 Participants, Daylight

Hangar (unbeheizt)420 sqm, 400 Participants, Daylight