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Heide Youth Hostel is a small, charming hostel with a personal atmosphere. Its ideal location allows visitors to explore all the towns and attractions along the North Sea coast. Details »

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Beamer, CD-Player, Diaprojektor, DVD-Player, DVD-Recorder, Flipchart, Internetzugang (WLAN), Leinwand, Metaplanwand, Moderationskoffer, Multifunktionswand, Musikanlage, Overheadprojektor, Pinnwand, Tafel, TV-Gerät, Video-Recorder, Whiteboard

Tagesraum 122 sqm, 14-24 Participants, Daylight

Tagesraum 234 sqm, 18-40 Participants, Daylight

Tagesraum 1+2 kombiniert57 sqm, 22-64 Participants, Daylight

Tagesraum 352 sqm, 20-40 Participants, Daylight

Tagesraum 432 sqm, 14-30 Participants, Daylight

Tagesraum 3+4 kombiniert83 sqm, 40-70 Participants, Daylight

Saal (mit Dachschraege)121 sqm, 50-100 Participants, Daylight