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Environmental Youth Hostels

Environmental Youth Hostels are places of learning and experience whose learning environment and programme generate ecological and social learning impulses. They are orientated towards a guiding principle that environmentally compatible, socially responsible and economically viable action with a view to sustainable development are the aims on all levels.

As part of a continuous self-check they make every effort to develop the quality of their programmes and services with a view to sustainable development. In order to achieve these goals, there are a series of quality requirements that are made of an environmental youth hostel, such as: saving resources, healthy food, efficient use of energy, a range of programmes orientated towards the environment and recreational education, customer and target group orientation, regional involvement, economic management and a quality development concept. 

This is what is waiting for you:

  • An environmentally educational programme including projects

  • An internal educational specialist (at least one part-time position)

  • No first-time use of PVC, tropical wood or biocides

  • No detergents that contain chlorine or phosphates

  • No heavy-duty detergents

  • A transparent annual CO2 and energy balance for the benefit of guests

  • A third of all food comes from the region

  • Twenty percent of food is organic (an aim to be achieved within three years of becoming an environmental youth hostel)

  • No portion or disposable drink packaging

  • Separation of recyclable material

  • Use of recycled paper

  • Annual quality check (strength/weakness analysis)

  • Regular participation in the Environmental Youth Hostels' Conference

  • Creation of a development plan

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