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Quesions and Answers on Youth Hostels

What types of rooms do Youth Hostels offer?

Youth Hostels offer shared rooms. But there are also single or double rooms. If these are available, you can sleep alone in a room or share one with your partner, but a surcharge will apply. Families can book family rooms in advance, subject to availability. All Youth Hostels have common rooms, and many also offer function rooms for courses or conferences.

How are Youth Hostels categorised?

Classic category

The basic category includes standard functional buildings with a common bathroom on each floor. The “Classic” category is descriptive of the functional setup of the youth hostels, designed for simple needs.

Standard category

The buildings in this category have modern furnishings and simple technical standards, which offer several recreational possibilities in the youth hostel. Some of the rooms have their own showers and toilets.

Top category

This category has the ideal conditions for a youth hostel. The majority of rooms have their own shower and toilet. The building offers a lot of room for guests, including places to meet, modern equipment and several possibilities for communal experiences and events.

What type of food is offered in Youth Hostels?

Generally speaking, Youth Hostels offer all types of meals. Breakfast is included in the overnight rate. Booking full board offers particularly good value for money.

Breakfast and the evening meal are often served as buffet meals. The Youth Hostel team will be able to give you more detailed information. Upon request, they will also prepare a packed lunch for you to take along.

What if I have special wishes?

Of course we will try to fulfil your wishes. We have no issues with people who avoid certain foods because of their ethnic background or religion. Or because they are vegetarian and don't eat meat. Or have other dietary habits. But please, remember to let us know in good time!

Can I bring my dog along to a Youth Hostel?

Only very few Youth Hostels welcome pets. You can find here a list of these Youth Hostels or you can contact DJH Service-Center (Phone: +49 / 5231 7401-0, e-mail


Only guide dogs or service dogs are allowed in all Youth Hostels – they are, of course, indispensable.

How can I make a reservation in a Youth Hostel?

Families, individual travellers and small groups can book a bed immediately online at all 500 Youth Hostels in Germany. Reservations for over 1,400 Youth Hostels around the world can be made at hihostels.com or at one of the German Youth Hostel Association's reservation agencies.

If you are travelling alone, you can also make your reservation quickly and informally by telephone, e-mail, fax or even postcard or letter. However, we strongly recommend booking in advance particularly to those who would like to spend several nights in one place, are arriving with a larger group or are travelling during the main holiday season.

What does accommodation in a Youth Hostel cost?

Different rates apply for junior members, families and 27plus members. In 2014, the prices for a night's stay including breakfast and bed linen ranged between € 14.90 and € 31.00. Children below the age of two are free of charge. From the age of 3 onwards, reduced rates apply for children; for more detailed information, please contact the respective Regional Association or Youth Hostel. Guests above the age of 27 pay a surcharge of about € 4.00 per night in most Youth Hostels.

Aren't there any cheaper rates available for students and trainees?

We have kept our basic rates for young people and families with children as low as possible. Older guests, on the other hand, pay a surcharge in almost all Hostels. However, there are special offers if you are travelling off season or planning a longer stay. The Regional Associations and Youth Hostels can provide you with more detail on these.

What are the benefits of a youth group leader pass?

Reduced rates are available for holders of a youth group leader pass. In order to claim the reduced rates, you will be asked to produce your pass. This will give you a 10%-reduction on the costs of accommodation, bed linen and meals.

What are the house rules good for?

There's always a lot going on in Youth Hostels. But if one guest would like to sleep while the other wants to party, then it could be difficult for everyone to get along. That is why we have set up a couple of rules that apply to all our guests. These rules are binding. They tell you where the limits are and help avoid trouble. You will find them here.

When are you too old for Youth Hostels?

Never. Youth Hostels are open to everyone, irrespective of age. But of course Youth Hostels are, as the name suggests, primarily an offer for young people. This is why Youth Hostels in Bavaria, for instance, give second priority to guests over 27. Which, of course, does not apply for group leaders or families with at least one minor child.

Who is too young for Youth Hostels?

Youngsters are not allowed to travel alone below the age of 14, and need their parents' consent up to the age of 18. Until then, they are still under their parents' legal supervision and parents will be made responsible if their children get into any kind of trouble or anything happens to them during their trip. This is why minors, besides their passport, should always carry their parents' written authorisation to travel alone.

Outside Germany, different rules and regulations apply. The Federal Foreign Office can provide information.