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The German Youth Hostel Association is the only supraregional non-profit provider of accommodation that is open to all children, adolescents, young adults, families and educationalists for congresses or stays. Youth Hostels are oriented towards providing children and youngsters with valuable experiences and fulfilling educational tasks.


With their primarily educational approach, the German Youth Hostel Association's regional organisations act as competent and reliable partners for schools, teachers and parents.


The Regional Associations are independent non-profit associations and fulfil all the tasks of the German Youth Hostel Association within their own area, unless tasks have been expressly assigned to the Federal Association in the statutes. These include, among others, the construction of new Youth Hostels or putting together activity programmes.


There are 14 DJH Regional Associations all together: Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Berlin-Brandenburg, Hanover, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Nordmark, Rhineland, Saxony, Thuringia, to name just a few.

Youth Hostels - 100% Relaxation

100 years of experience for 100% relaxation
International youth exchanges in Youth Hostels promote social learning, tolerance, and international understanding. More »

Unique, sustainable and structured

The German Youth Hostel Association supports the Agenda 21 goals to ensure the sustainability of our livelihoods. More »

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